Association Information

HOA Supplied Internet Connection


The HOA-supplied internet connection is in operation and is being paid for with the Unit Owner’s yearly Association assessments. The HOA-supplied internet connection is supplied through Suddenlink Communications, who also offers other communications including: faster internet speeds, cable tv channels and digital telephone connection. The Village at University Heights (HOA) is considered the Master Account. Each individual Unit Owner/Occupant is considered an End User Account. Suddenlink Communications allows Unit Owner/Occupant End User Accounts to “bundle” Suddenlink’s additional services with the Association’s Master Account services, giving the Unit Owners and occupants significant savings on Suddenlink’s additional services. Please note: The Association only supplies basic internet service; costs of additional services/replacement costs/installation charges for additional services through Suddenlink Communications are the responsibility of each Unit Owner and/or their unit’s occupants. If users have any technical difficulties with their supplied internet service, Suddenlink Technical Support should be contacted at 1-866-229-8750. The Association or the property management company has no way to help with technical difficulties with the supplied internet service. 

Satellite TV Connection with the Association


The Village at University Heights Owners Association has installed multi-unit satellite dishes that service DIRECTV, DIRECTV international and DISH Network. Occupants wishing to receive satellite dish services are required to contact CM Wireless at: 1-866-717-2355 in order to access the Association’s multi-unit satellite dish system in place on the property. CM Wireless is the exclusive, authorized retailer of DISH Network and DIRECTV for The Village at University Heights Owners Association.

Individual unit satellite dishes will not be allowed to be installed on the property. If an unauthorized satellite dish is installed, the owner of the connected unit will be notified of the installation and be required to remove the satellite dish and contact CM Wireless to connect to the Association’s multi-unit dish system. Owners/occupants will be responsible for the removal as well as any and all damage repairs to the Association’s property if unauthorized dish installation occurs.

Plumbing and Water Heater Closet Recommendations from the Association

The Association has noticed that many water leaks occur at the flexible plastic (pex) water lines entering and exiting each unit’s individual hot water heater. The Association recommends that all owners utilize a licensed plumber to periodically review all of the unit’s individual water lines, particularly the water lines entering and exiting the unit’s hot water heater. The owner of a unit where there is a leaking water line that only services that unit is responsible for any damage that occurs to their own unit, another owner’s unit and/or the Association’s common elements because of the leaking water line.

 The water heaters and the connecting water lines in each unit's water heater closets are the owner's responsibility to maintain, including preventing freezing during the winter months. Please remember to keep the thermostat-controlled electric heater in the unit's water heater closet on to help prevent damage from freezing water pipes. If your unit doesn't have an electric heater in the water heater closet, please contact the unit's owner/property manager to discuss the issue. 

Reserve the Community Clubhouse for a private event!

 Interested in reserving the clubhouse for a private gathering?  Please complete a Clubhouse Reservation Form and submit it to Sterling Real Estate Management. A copy of the reservation form is available in the Association Documents Section of this website.

City of Flagstaff Party Ordinance

Did you know that The City of Flagstaff has a Nuisance Party Ordinance?  A copy of the ordinance is available at the Association Documents section of this website.

Rear Balcony/Patio Snow Removal


Please remember that owners and occupants are responsible for the snow removal on their rear patio or balcony. Please remove snow from your rear patio or balcony when we receive more than 4 inches of accumulation. If you need help with hiring a company to perform the snow removal to your rear patio or balcony, please contact Sterling Real Estate Management for a list of vendors.